DAEBO Engineering & Construction

Industry-leading company
with A+ credit rating
in the construction field

DAEBO Engineering & Construction

Industry-leading construction company with A+ credit rating

Ranging from national infrastructure to apartment units.
DAEBO Engineering & Construction has proved its construction capability and endeavored
to create more convenient living spaces for customers.

Engineering & Construction,
creating a prosperous future
based on advanced technologies
and trust from customers

DAEBO Engineering & Construction, with its proven strength in civil-engineering works
for large-scale public projects, has accumulated experience in various types of construction works, including projects for more than 60,000 apartment units.

  • Stable growth driven by government-funded projects
  • Extensive, field experiences in various types of projects, including PPP (Public-Private Partnership)
    as well as BOT, BTL, BTO, T/K, alternative, development, and overseas projects
  • Korea’s top-class construction company
  • The medium-and long-term vision supported by the company’s stable financial structure
    based on the no-loan policy
  • 2017 Green Management Grand Prize/ Family-friendly Enterprise Certification
    by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family
  • The total amount of contracts won accumulated to KRW 1 trillion(2017/2020/2021)
  • Selected as one of LH Best Contractors 7 times

DAEBO Industrial,
maximizing customer satisfaction
with advanced technologies
and extensive experiences

DAEBO Industrial

Witness to the history of Korea’s social overhead capital facilities

Since its establishment in 1981, DAEBO Industrial has led the special construction industry. Actively responding to the ever-changing market, we have diligently invested in R&D, developing new technologies and improving quality, which eventually results in maximum customer satisfaction.

Leader of the special construction field
including civil engineering projects

Starting from our first construction projects in the 1980s for the Cheongju airfield and waterworks of the metropolitan area, for nearly 40 years we have been recognized as the ‘best partner’ for Korea’s national infrastructure projects who can ensure safety and durability of such facilities.

  • Focused on infrastructure construction and preparation of residential (including apartment houses) /industrial sites
  • Obtained an engineering construction license to meet the needs of the ever-changing market
  • Korea’s major expert with environmentally friendly civil engineering and construction works

DAEBO Engineering & Construction’s major business

  • Const-

    Apartment houses, studio flats, hotels, knowledge industry centers, school, public facilities, military family housing and military facilities, and commercial buildings/offices,

  • Civil-

    Road, expressway, railroad, subway, complex, water/sewage treatment facilities, plants (gas, thermal pipes, etc.), and landscaping

  • Service

    Highway service area

DAEBO Industrial’s major business

  • Civil-

    roads, bridges, railroads, harbors, airports

  • Donghae
  • Shillastay
  • hausD Biz, Mullae-dong
    (Knowledge Industry Center)
  • CC2 bridge
    Temburong Brunei